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This is the fourth MV of other artists that play by BNK48 member. This is a time for Kaew BNK48 plays for DoubleBam or Bambam who is the new face famous singer from The Voice Thailand season 3. Bambam has a tomboy look but her voice is so cute, she is so cute too. You can follow her instagram at @doublesbam. The song is “รักเธอเท่าที่เธอไม่รัก (0%)” – “Rak Ther Tow Thee Ther Mai Rak (0%)” means “I love you as much as you don’t like me” 

The teaser was released yesterday for the length of 44 seconds and got 189K view already. In the teaser, Keaw seems to having the scent of “HUBBY” role OMA OMB OMG as she is fixing the other girl’s hair with that charming eyes on the girl. The full MV will release on 27/02/2019 please stay tunes.

Follow this link for the MV teaser: รักเธอเท่าที่เธอไม่รัก (0%)” – “Rak Ther Tow Thee Ther Mai Rak (0%)